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NICK SHAMBLOTT is a photographer from Baltimore, MD. 

The focus of his work covers primarily FASHION, PORTRAITURE and LIFESTYLE.


Fluent in both analog and digital capture, Nick's creative process is driven by his acute attention to detail and understanding of the physical principles underlying photographic image making. 

Having worked for 10 years in the film industry as a cinematographer across a wide spectrum of projects ranging from feature films to music videos - Nick is very familiar with the logistical requirements of both studio and location based productions - as well as working with teams and crews of various sizes. 

His goal is to merge his experiences in both motion and still capture and use them to thoughtfully navigate a wide range of photographic challenges with clients and collaborators to create imagery that they thought logistically and stylistically otherwise impossible. 

Nick currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he continues his studies of image creation and design. 

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